Karen Robertson

Ottawa, On

Thanks for the fantastic week Kathy! MEKKA has indeed changed the way I cut hair. I have laughed at myself, cried at myself but have eventually made the connection. I’ve always seeked for structure in my cutting instead of just a “trial & error” method and MEKKA has given me that. I’ll continue to work at it and grow as a hair cutter! Thanks again!

Roxanne Christian


A Challenging and incredible experience to move my technical cutting skills to the next level. Through the five days I was encouraged to self learn and explore the principals of Mekka.

Thanks Kathy to your coaching and pushing me to go farther than I thought. Words can’t fully express my gratitude.

Alex Garcia

Nevach Salon & Spa

With the Mekka System it has allowed me to “FINALLY” be able to know and grasp what I am designing instead of just guess. It has given me confidence and must of all knowledge. With Kathy’s instruction and direction I finally GET IT! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to all. Always looking forward to the next workshop.

Thank you

Hailey Ervin

Cactus Club Salon Spa – Okotoks, Ab

Wow! Mekka was such an eye opener! It made everything make sense to me. I now understand what I have been missing. I cannot wait to continue my journey with the Mekka System.

Thank you Kathy!

Christina Ashbourne

Cactus Club Salon Spa – Okotoks, Ab

Thank you for such an inspiring week Kathy. The Mekka System has moved me to become a more technical cutter and designer. I will be back to see you soon!

Thank you

Katherine Lusignan

Coiffure Louis-Robert, Montreal

The Mekka System was very beneficial for me. It has really helped me finally understand how to properly build a haircut and personalize it for every shape size and style. It has definitely changed the way I think when I’m cutting hair. This system has really given me the push to be better and the confidence to be different.

Thank you Kathy.

Brianna Baker

San Diego, California


I’ve been waiting for a mentor or somebody that can re-inspire me & I’ve found that in you. I really appreciate your patience & teaching method. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with me & helping to make me a stronger hair stylist. After these 2 days I can honestly say I’ve learned more than in the 3 years I’ve been in this industry. I look forward to more education with you, lots of it. See you soon!

Leona ferns

The mane door hair studio, Edmonton AB


It was truly a wonderful experience. You are an amazing stylist and teacher. I feel very refreshed and excited to pass my new knowledge on. After 16 years, that is still great to say, I look forward to seeing you again& will recommend this class to all our staff. I look forward to following your journey too.

God bless

Stephanie Robert

Shear bliss, Morden MB


Thank you so much for such an amazing class!! We’ve learnt so much this week+ I can’t wait to keep learning with the Mekka system. It is brilliant!

Kim Fehr

Shear bliss salon and spa, Morden, MB

Hello Kathy

Thank you so much for the amazing week of knowledge! I came here more passionate about color, and am leaving questioning if I may be able to love color and cutting equally. I never fully understood haircutting, mostly because in school we were taught o, 45, 90 180 and always stand behind the client. Your system makes way more sense to me. Being in the industry for only 2 years I believe this will be something I continue with. Thank you for teaching me so much! I appreciate everything you did for me and my career! I have absolutely found a road I want to continue on!

Crystal McConnell

Salon Mosaic, Windsor, ON


You are the most talented person that I have ever met in the hair world, not just with the art of cutting but also the art of teaching. This was so informative and by far the best class I have ever taken. Thank you for everything, I will be taking so much of what I learnt back to the salon and will be repeating this class as often as I possibly can!


Shear bliss salon + spa, Morden, MB

Hey Kathy

Wow, what a week! Thank you so much for sharing all of your years of knowledge and experience. I had many ‘’ah ha ‘’ moments. The class was exactly what I needed. It’s taken me out of ‘’ auto-pilot’’ and helped me to remember/learn why I do things the way I do. I know this will open up a world of creativity for me. I look forward to more classes with you. I don’t think you were hard on us. I want to be told what I can do to improve not how great my work is if it’s not! Thanks again. Hope to see you in the Schwarzkopf world some time soon.




It was the best class ever. I hope i will remember everything after all.

Emma powrley


I’m going to keep it short and sweet...I’ll wrap this up in 3 words for you: - Motivating, - Inspiring, - wonderful!

Thank you so much lady!

Steven Barnes

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Mekka has changed my haircutting profoundly. I can’t say enough about the quality of my education. Thank you for another great class


Winnipeg, MB


Thanks so much for your knowledge and new perspectives. It is very refreshing to learn things in a systematic way and to see what shapes make what fall where ect. As opposed to learning in my shop. Everyone seems to have a different way to do the same techniques, and no real explanation as to why they do it. It’s nice to learn a why and a how and a base. I only finished my apprenticeship in October, so it has been enjoyable to receive some more formal training and expand my knowledge, as was my intent coming here. I hope to further this knowledge in the future once I’ve saved up a few more $$. Thank you for being here.

Mary Ann Servin

Salona mar

Thank you so much for your expertise and patience. It has been may pleasure to have completed an accumulated 5 days of classes with you and your training is a complete asset to my business and to my creative mind. Completing your class is like quenching my artistic thirst.

God’s blessings

Lindsey rule (fellow red head)

San Diego CA

Thank you so much for the last couple of days. You are an amazing teacher. You challenged me & pushed me to be a better stylist, work outside the box. Mekka makes sense to me. I’ll be saving all my pennies to see you again.

You’re the bomb!!

Michele maisano

Toronto, ca

Thanks kathy,

What a fantastic 5 days with you. This class has answered a lot of my questions without me having to ask them. How I look at hair with a whole other meaning. My whole world now is related to shapes and how I look at a pattern. Thanks for saving me from the hairdressing world of the: ‘’same old, same old’’ and ‘’ that’s good enough’’ concepts. I could relate everything you taught from your theory to patterns from day 1, which is when I new I found the perfect class that made sense. I am a very logical and visual thinker, staying in a square motion for posture or moving circular made it a little bit easier to understand what I was achieving and how to achieve it. You have done you job well and I am pleased. See you soon

Mariana simic

Dear kathy

This whole experience has been amazing; I will definitely be seeing you again in the future. I have never learned so much. I have learned more in these past 5 days than in the last 5 years of my career. You are a very talented artist, an amazing teacher and truly an amazing person. I would like a copy of your program whenever it’s ready, please. Thank you so much, you have really motivated me and helped me to understand and become the best I can. Thank you so much for this experience.


Hi kathy

Your class this week was motivating. I was inspired every day to attend. It was like a breath of fresh air to see your wonderful smiling face in front of the class. You were never too busy to listen and not to make any one feel less or embarrassed with their mistakes. You made me feel I can be whatever I wanted to do in hairdressing...just go for it.

I will never forget your training. You are the best.

Amber Kennedy

Kathy, when I came here I was topped out! At home, I desperately needed direction and motivation. I needed to lose the ‘’ is this all there is ...’’ mentality. Your energy and knowledge has breathed new life into my career. I have found a new purpose and set new goals and aspirations that I know are attainable. Thank you for opening a new perspective and revitalizing my life. I am inspired by the future educational opportunities available to me and look forward to a new era in my career. I can’t express my gratitude enough. You are exactly what I needed.


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